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Three Year Warranty on Refurbished Thin Client Terminals
Vecmar 3-Yr Warranty

Thin Client Central gives you a Three Year Warranty on all your Refurbished Thin Client Terminal purchases.

Refurbished Thin Client Terminal Warranty Description:

All Refurbished thin client terminal's purchased from Thin Client Central are covered by a three year warranty. This warrants that all hardware included in each unit will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of shipment by Thin Client Central . Warranty returns must be handled according to the warranty procedures listed below.

New (not Refurbished) Thin Client Terminal Warranty:

All new thin client terminal's purchased from Thin Client Central carry the manufacturer's warranty of three years. The procedure for warranty claims is the same as for Refurbished Thin Client Terminal.

Warranty Procedures for all Thin Client Terminals:

In the event of a defective thin client terminal within the three year warranty timeframe, please follow these simple steps to insure proper handling of your warranty claim.

  1. Call Thin Client Central for a RETURN AUTHORIZATION (RA) number. This is crucial because it is impossible for us to identify your return without it. Equipment returned without prior return authorization will not be covered under warranty. Be sure to reference the VENDOR SERIAL NUMBER (VSN) of the thin client terminal when calling for an RA number. The VSN number is printed on a bar code label, which is located on the back or underside of the unit.

  2. Ship the defective thin client terminal to Thin Client Central and be sure to include the RA number assigned at time of warranty call. Defective thin client terminals should be shipped via UPS. Thin Client Central will issue a credit to your account for the shipping charges if the claim is made within the three year warranty period. Shipping credits will be at UPS Ground rates only.

  3. Once we have received the thin client terminal, we will inspect it to confirm that it is not functioning properly and either replace it or repair it. Our policy on warranted thin client terminals is to replace them with a Refurbished unit from our inventory. Thin Client Central will pay for the return shipping of warranted units.

Thin Client Central cannot be held accountable for any terms or conditions not included above.


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